Agenda for June 6, 2019


After you register, enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast and network with your fellow participants.

9:00AM - 9:20AM: WELCOME

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Women's Conference!


Mary Molina, Founder and CEO of Lola Snacks, a nationally distributed product, will share the compelling details of her journey to success.

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10:15AM - 11:10AM: BREAK OUT SESSION 1

Choose from two presentations:

  1. Sell With Ease: Step Into Your Professional Greatness

    Guest speaker Debra Pearlman will discuss handshakes, relationship building, and effective and value driven elevator pitches. Attendees will discover techniques for shifting your energy to achieve your next level of professionalism and profitability. Attendees will gain insight into the Success Mindset.

    Learn revenue generating and cost effective marketing, sales and customer service strategies to incorporate on a consistent basis, ensuring a sustainable and profitable business model. This promises to be a thought provoking and invaluable workshop that shouldn't be missed. More details

  2. Saving Money with Strategic Storytelling and Social Media

    You don't have to spend a fortune to promote your business. Media outlets are always looking for a good story to share with their readers. Margaret will help you identify what is newsworthy about your business to create a strategically written story to share with local media outlets and social media resources. Learn how to write a press release, utilize keywords to improve search engine hits, and leverage free promotional opportunities on social media.  She will also share insights on using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to tell your story.  More details.

11:20AM - 12:15PM: BREAK OUT SESSION 2

Choose from two presentations:

  1. Success in Business: Legal & Empowerment Tools to Get You There

    Patricia M. Mulligan, Esq., attorney & women’s advocate, business owner and empowerment enthusiast, will explore the challenges unique to women business owners and leaders and discuss strategies to overcome them. Not only do women confront the challenges of sexual harassment in the workplace and gross pay inequities, we also do so as we navigate personal growth: finding our voice, overcoming self-imposed limits, and learning to hold the floor when we speak. Join us for a discussion of “How We Thrive.”  More details
  2. What are your numbers saying about your business?

    Jeffrey A.  Jankowski will be discussing how to use your financials to make the best business decisions. This will include the essentials of financial management.  More details


Enjoy a buffet lunch while learning first hand the Art of Networking with Maria L. Sciuto.

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1:45PM - 3:00PM: CEO PANEL

A panel of successful female CEOs will discuss the challenges they encountered starting, growing, and succeeding in their business ventures. Followed by a Q&A.

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3:00PM - 4:00PM: SOCIAL HOUR

A wonderful opportunity to network with your peers while sharing light refreshments.

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